VLite 1.2 Uninstall - How to Uninstall VLite 1.2 Thoroughly

Published: 14th February 2011
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VLite 1.2 is one of the popular tweaking tools. For one reason or another, you may want to remove it from your computer, but unfortunately you fail to uninstall VLite 1.2 completely from windows? Do you know why and do you know the correct way to uninstall the tool? Learn how the other computer users remove VLite 1.2 successfully.

The most common way to uninstall a program in windows should be the windows add/remove programs. There are a little difference among Windows XP Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Take Windows Vista for example

1. Click Start and choose Control Panel,

2. In Control Panel double click on the "Programs and Features" icon.

3. Here you can find VLite 1.2 which is installed in Windows Vista.

4. To remove VLite 1.2 click once on the program you want to uninstall and then click on Uninstall/Change and follow the prompts.

Another common way is a built-in uninstaller of VLite 1.2.

1. Click Start and then click "All programs".

2. Find out VLite 1.2 on the list. Choose the uninstall option in its directory.

3. There will be a message that wants you to confirm the removal of VLite 1.2.

4. Choose the removal mode according to your situation.

Neither of the above method can uninstall the program completely and sometimes you even fail to remove VLite 1.2 by the above methods. Do not worry. Here is a 100% guaranteed way for you.

How to uninstall VLite 1.2 completely?

According to the data, more than 50% computer users tend to use a third party uninstaller to remove unneeded program. Among so many uninstaller tools, it is recommended to use Perfect Uninstaller to uninstall VLite 1.2.

Do you have VLite 1.2 on your computer? Are you tired of trying various methods to uninstall VLite 1.2? It is recommended to download Perfect Uninstaller, which is specialized at removing any unwanted programs from your system in minutes.

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